Mix & Match

So you have seen a lot of our products and are wondering what this Mix & Match Logo is all about right? Well here is where we explain the benefits of our Mix & Match system.

Whether you are just opening a business and need uniforms to create an identity for you and your staff, or you are a marketing manager of a mutli-million dollar company, our Mix & Match system has benefits for everyone.

So what is it?
Simply all our products with the ‘Mix & Match’ logo can be bundled together to help you save money. Here’s an example for you.

Instead of having to buy the minimum of all these items, if you Mix & Match it, your minimum order decreases significantly and you can make up the minimum order quantity with any of our Mix & Match items.

For example: If you are ordering for a sports club, you can order 30 polos & 20 Caps = 50 items. The price of each item will be quoted as the 50 price bracket. It also allows you to order less than the advertised MOQ. Eg, Caps normally have a MOQ of 50 if ordered on there own however because the total order quantity is 50 (made up with other items) its possible to order less caps.

This provides great savings for you and is a great way to meet our MOQ.

If you would like any further help or would like us to put a package together for your business, sports club or event please contact one of our friendly members today.

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